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I couldn’t believe what my eyes just saw! God had finally answered my prayers.

‘Thank you Jesus!’ I muttered as I picked up my phone to call Gloria, my best friend.

‘Gloria! God has answered. He has shown it to me’, I said excitedly.

‘Calm down’, Gloria said. ‘What did God show you?’

‘Okay. You know that I’ve been fasting for the past seven days concerning my unemployed state’.

‘Yes, I know’

‘Today is the last day of the fast. As I was praying some minutes ago, I fell into a trance. I saw myself seated in one the posh offices in Andel Partners’.

‘Andel Partners? Wow!’

‘Yes Gloria. Immediately the trance ended, I felt a conviction in my spirit that God is taking me to Andel Partners’.

‘Praise the Lord. Debby I’m so happy for you! May God bring His word to pass in your life in Jesus name!’

‘Amen oooo, amen.’, I responded

‘Debby I have to go now. We have a staff meeting’.

‘Alright dear. Talk to you later’. I threw the phone on the table and fell on my bed in excitement. Andel Partners was a multinational finance firm and one of the top five in Africa. It was every accountant or auditor’s dream to work there. I tried applying for a job there once, but I couldn’t bring myself to press the ‘submit’ button. Now, God had shown me that he was taking me there. I was so grateful. ‘Thank you Lord, I whispered again.

Three days later, I was casually scrolling through my phone when I got an email notification. It was from one of the job hunting sites I registered with. As I opened it, the message that stared at me read: Andel Partners is recruiting…

My heart beat fast in excitement. I quickly clicked on the site and submitted the required credentials. One hour later, I received another notification- I was to come for an interview in five days. It felt so good to be true. I didn’t know when I started singing out loud, moving my legs and waist to the rhythm of the song.

‘Who is making that noise?’ My mum asked from the sitting room, jolting me out of my mini thanksgiving.

I giggled and sat on my bed, breathing heavily. This job is mine already!

Two weeks later, I walked into the reception hall of Andel Partners. It was my first day of work as a Consultant. Few minutes later, I was directed by a staff in the Human Resource Department to my desk. It was a very spacious, beautifully furnished office which I was to share with four other staff. I sank into the chair and exhaled. Finally, I have a job. I was happy.

Four months after, I was exhausted. Working at Andel Partners required I put in long hours to meet up with my daily schedule. I left my house very early and I returned home very late, tired and stressed out both from the pressure at work and the Lagos traffic. Sometimes, I worked on Saturdays and on public holidays too. This was beginning to affect other areas of my life.

For instance, I couldn’t remember the last time I spent quality time with God. There were times I went days on end without praying or opening my Bible. The days I managed to pray, I would mumble a few words while taking my bath or rushing out to catch the staff bus. Once in the bus, I would take a comfortable position and complete the rest of my sleep.

Of course, the strain in my relationship with God had a rebound effect in my relationship with people. My spiritual sensitivity was at its lowest point. I became testy, impatient, quarrelsome and withdrawn. Going to church for Sunday services became a big challenge for me. I converted many of my Sundays to wash/rest day. My mum complained a number of times and then she gave up.

My work at Andel Partners also affected my relationships as I barely had time for my friends and loved ones. No hangouts, no outings, no visits, no breathing space, no life. All my life became summed up in one word: WORK

One day, I received a query from my supervisor for not meeting up with a deadline, even when I explained to him that I fell very sick and had to be admitted at the hospital for two days.

‘That is none of my business’, he said. ‘If you don’t submit that report by Thursday, you’ll be suspended. You know the consequences of that, right?’

I didn’t respond. I sat on my chair and cried after he left. When I saw the trance, this was not what I envisaged at all.

One morning as I prepared for work, I stared long and hard at myself in the mirror. I had lost a considerable amount of weight. In fact, I was a shadow of myself. The tears came again and I fell on my knees, weeping.

‘Lord, why is all these happening?’, I questioned. ‘You showed me Andel Partners. You confirmed it by the interview invitation I got. Out of over 1000 applicants, I was one of the lucky 12 that were selected. It’s been only six months, and I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I no longer hear you. I no longer commune with you. My life is a mess. Where did I miss it Lord? Where???’

I sobbed bitterly. Just then, in the midst of the early morning quietness, I heard God.

‘You missed my timing’

I sat up abruptly. ‘How do you mean, Lord?’

‘You missed my timing, daughter. You are at the right place at the wrong time’.

‘How Lord? But you showed Andel Partners to me in a trance’.

‘Yes I did. But you did not ask me if the revelation was for the present or for the future. You did not wait for further instructions. You jumped into it out of sheer excitement, and because you jumped in prematurely, you have become frustrated’.

‘Ah Lord. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not seeking your mind concerning what I saw. I’m sorry for jumping into conclusions’

‘Daughter, at this stage of your life, you were not fully prepared for Andel Partners. I only showed you what was to come, and I expected you to wait while I prepare you and build capacity in you’.

‘I’m sorry Lord. I’m sorry’.

‘Beloved, learn to work with my timing. Learn to enquire from me when you are not sure, and wait until I respond before you act. Learn to lean on me’.

I sobbed loudly. ‘I’m sorry Daddy. I’m sorry’.


God promised Abraham that He would make him a great nation and his descendants as innumerable as the dust of the earth. However, the promise didn’t manifest until 25 years later, by which time Abraham had already “helped” God fulfill His promise by sleeping with Hagar, his maid servant. Costly mistake.

In Judges 20, the children of Israel went to war with the Benjamites. Before going, they inquired of the Lord and He told them to go. They were terribly defeated. The next day, they inquired of the Lord again and they heard “go”. They went and were defeated again.

The third time they inquired, the answer was different. The Lord said “Go, for tomorrow, I will deliver them into your hands”. This time around, they won the battle.

In our dealings with God, there are times when we have to act by sheer faith and trust in God. Other times however, we must learn to wait for specific guidance and instructions. That the Lord said “GO’ does not mean “GO NOW”

Some people have missed God’s blessings because they were at the right place at the wrong time.

Many brothers have received a big NO to their marriage proposals because they proposed at the wrong moment.

Others have snuffed life out of their relationship with God because they jumped into God’s provision prematurely, unprepared and unrefined in fire.

Learn to wait on God. Learn to discern when He wants you to simply act in faith and when He wants you to hold on for further instructions. Trust the Lord to help you be at the right place at the right time. In obedience, you will find His blessings.

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    Oh Jesus help me to know the right timing for your purpose in all my endeavour. Help me to wait more on you and never to rush! Help me to do thy will in all areas.

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    Another great eye opener

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    So help me Lord, Amen.
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    This is a call to prayer for me..
    Oh Lord may I not miss out your timing in any area of my life..
    Thanks so much dear
    May grace be multiplied upon you

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